Leminar and S&P Conduct Ventilation Seminar

Leminar and S&P Conduct Ventilation Seminar

Leminar Air Conditioning Company, one of the premier HVAC distributors within the Middle East conducted a technical seminar in association with Soler & Palau (S&P) fans, one of the largest manufacturer of Industrial and domestic fans in Europe and the world.

The Seminar focused mainly on “Demand Controlled Ventilation and Efficiency Trends” and was held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The main speaker from S&P was Joan Miro Ramos; S&Ps export Director, who gave a detailed presentation of the latest efficiency trends in the world of ventilation and how S&P fans could be the future of ventilation. The team comprising of Jordi Canet Casabayo, Export Area Manager and Amer Ahmad Fauri, Business Development Manager – M.E were present from S&P and representing Leminar Air Conditioning was, Navin Valrani, CEO and Pramodh Idicheria G.M at the event.

During the seminar, S&P displayed their new range of in line mixed flow silent fans, which are very essential for hospital and other quieter environments. Also available was a wide range of other industrial and domestic fans. Joan showcased a detailed video of how effective ventilation systems can be the answer to the future of ventilation and presenting the Energy Efficient Ventilation System (EEVS) concept, which aims to promote energy savings in ventilation installations.

Through the seminar, the S&P team covered all the aspects of energy efficient ventilation systems, the proven efficiency of S&P fans in challenging environments and also on the methodology of cark park ventilation systems. Many of the HVAC industry’s top consultants and contractors were present for the seminar.

Speaking at the event, Navin Valrani, CEO of Leminar said “Known globally for its ventilation systems, S&P has a solid reputation when it comes to efficient ventilation technologies and Leminar is very proud to host this seminar for all our customers.” “It is very important for the HVAC industry to recognize the new trends available in the market and to make sure the future depends on more sustainable and greener products”, he added.

Leminar, a member of the Al Shirawi Group of Companies, is the largest HVAC distribution company in the region with 7 showrooms across the UAE and offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. Leminar represents the world’s leading brands in the HVAC industry and prides itself on being selected as one of the top 5 “Great Places to Work” in the UAE.

Soler & Palau (S&P) has developed a ventilation product line with more than 10,000 models to meet all the needs of the global market. After more than 60 years, S&P products and services are available in more than 90 countries around the world with factories in Spain (Ripoll, Sils, Torelló and Madrid) France, England, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, USA, China (Shanghai and Guangzhou), Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

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