Leminar’s diverse range of products and after-sales services includes premium HVAC, plumbing, infrastructure, retrofit and firefighting solutions.

Air Conditioners – DX

Air Conditioners – VRF

Ventilation Systems

Expansion Joints & Flexible Connect

Pipe Supports

Vibration Isolators



Copper Coils, Pipes & Fittings

Fan Coil Units

Air Handling Units

General Pumps


Pressure Gauges & Thermometers

Closed Control Units

Ecology Units

Heat Exchangers

Support System

Variable Air Volumes


BTU Meters

Thermostats, Co Sensors and Co Panels

Fire Extinguishers

Copper Pipes and Fittings

Fire Fighting Products

Plumbing Valves

Copper and Compression Fittings

PR Valves, FC Valve for Plumbing

Expansion Tank

Pressure Reducing Valves

Valve Actuators

Hydrants & Valves

Sprinklers and Alarm Valves

AGFire Sprinklers

Hydrants & Valves

Fire Pumps

Fire Hose Cabinets

Standpipe Accessories

Fire Extinguishers

Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Fire Hose & Nozzles

Fire Department Connections

Fire Suppression Products