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Designed to deliver fast and clean installations

Easy to bend. Just cut to length and press to fit a guaranteed, secure connection. ‘Head to head’ speed tests have proved that it’s faster and easier.

Designed to last

It is corrosion and incrustation-free. The five-layer composite pipe has a diffusion-tight aluminium core layer that prevents the ingress of oxygen.

Designed for fewer connections

The inherent stability of the pipe and the low linear expansion, only a few fixing points are necessary. This delivers a highly practical advantage for a safe and fast installation.

Designed for inherent flexibility

Perfect for any application where copper pipes might be used. Used worldwide for commercial and domestic applications. Available in the widest range of sizes 16 – 110 mm.

Designed to make ‘your life easier’

It is not only simple, easy and fast to use, MLC Press-Fit also offers the full support and extensive back-up that you would expect from a major brand and market leader. Training, comprehensive instructions and technical advice.

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