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General Pumps



General Pumps, SPAIN

Submersible pumps

  • 3″ to 10″ Bore Well Submersible Pumps in Gray Iron, Bronze, SS, Noryl (plastic) construction
  • 4″ to 10″ Stainless Steel sheet Metal Fabricated Borehole pumps (GJ & GP series)
  • Submersible borehole motors 3″ to 10″ (Oil filled and water filled rewindable motor) – Grey Iron & complete stainless steel- as per NEMA standard – up to 250 HP
  • Submersible Drainage & Sewage Pumps Up to 60Hp

Submersible pumps

  • End Suction Bare shaft Centrifugal Pumps (GBS series)- as per ISO 2858/DIN 24255
  • Standardized Closed Couple Mono block pumps (GCC series) – as per ISO 2858/DIN 24255
  • Vertical One Stage In-Line Pumps (GVI Series)
  • Vertical Multistage Pressure Booster Pumps(GCR) Up to 150m3
  • Horizontal Split Case pumps(GHC)
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